Lela Gruen

About Me

Hi, I’m Lela, media designer and photographer from Germany. I live in Palatinate, surrounded by picturesque vineyards and woodland. 
I‘m always looking for new ideas, new ways to live and experience.
My children are a great and constant source of inspiration.
Recalling their visions and experiences and trying to adapt their unique and pure perspective has strong influence on my artistry. 

I love analogue photography, especially shooting polaroids. When I got my first polaroid camera, it was like instantly falling in love.
It is the whole process of shooting polaroids that excites me, like smelling the chemicals, hearing the sound of the camera and touching the images. 

For me, it is like painting with a lens instead of a brush. I always try to act on instinct and play with light and shadow to create unexpected visual effects. The polaroid pictures have flaws, effects like exposure error, unexposed places, strange blue flames, mystical lightleaks and colour changes. With some expired films I‘m even able to paint my world in pink. Those effects are fortunate mistakes, adorable and part of the art.

Besides polaroids, I am also fascinated by 35 mm photography. Handling those old cameras, respecting their individual souls and characteristics is like therapy and love.

Love is analogue and in an Instant… I remember everything.
(Lela Gruen)